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over 20 Self-Control Scenarios, designed to teach kids the art of self-control through flash card scenarios.



Key Features:

Scenario-Based Learning: "Self-Control Scenarios" uses a collection of  flash cards, each presenting a different social situation or scenario that children may encounter in their daily lives. These scenarios are carefully crafted to be relatable and easy for children to understand.


Empower Self-Control: By guiding your child through these scenarios, they'll learn how to manage their impulses, emotions, and reactions effectively. This helps them develop self-control and make better decisions in various social situations.


Building Empathy: Through role-play and discussion of these scenarios, children learn to consider the feelings and perspectives of others. This fosters empathy and helps them build more meaningful and lasting relationships with their peers.




Adult Involvement: This game encourages open dialogue between adults and children, as you discuss and reflect on the scenarios together. It's a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your adlult child bond. Great activity to do during your sharing hour.


Real-Life Application: The skills learned through "Self-Control Scenarios" are immediately transferable to real-life situations, helping your child navigate social challenges with confidence and grace.


Help your child develop the self-control they need to form healthier relationships and make friends effortlessly. 

Self Control Scenarios

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