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Resources for Schools

Introducing The SEL Hub Calming Reflection Journal – an innovative tool designed to empower students and support restorative justice practices within your school community. Crafted as a solution to enhance behavior for learning and foster lasting behavioral changes, these journals serve as a pivotal resource in addressing student conduct positively.

In the landscape of education, especially in the UAE, where expulsion and exclusion aren't the go-to solutions for behavioral challenges, these journals offer an instrumental means to manage and resolve issues within the school premises. By providing educators with the right tools, we facilitate a transformative process that guides students towards understanding the impact of their actions, cultivating empathy, and fostering accountability.

The Calming Reflection Journal (also a feature in our Tell Dovie App) is strategically structured to prompt students to delve into the emotions driving their behavior. Through thoughtful prompts and reflective exercises, it nurtures crucial skills essential for personal growth and character development. Teaching empathy and accountability, it equips students with tools they'll carry into their academic journey and beyond, preparing them for success in school and adult life.

One of the key advantages of these journals is their ease of implementation. Accompanied by a comprehensive two-week lesson plan, educators can seamlessly integrate them into their curriculum, facilitating a structured approach to teach students how to utilize these journals effectively.

By utilizing the Calming Reflection Journal, your school can expect:

  • Improved student wellbeing through enhanced emotional awareness and regulation.

  • Reduction in low-level classroom disruptions as students learn to manage their emotions constructively.

  • Support for restorative justice practices by fostering empathy and accountability among students.

  • Long-term behavior changes as students develop essential life skills for personal and academic success.

Empower your students to navigate their emotions, understand the impact of their actions, and foster a culture of empathy and responsibility with The SEL Hub Calming Reflection Journal. Join us in revolutionizing the way we address behavior for learning within educational settings.


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