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Tell Dovie

The Tell Dovie Platform, is an all-encompassing platform designed to elevate student well-being and academic success while offering multifaceted support for educators.


This innovative app not only mirrors the benefits of the Calming Reflection Journal but goes above and beyond to cater to the holistic needs of students and teachers alike.

At the core of the Tell Dovie App lies the Mood Tracker, a powerful tool crafted to assist educators in monitoring students' emotional well-being.


This feature acts as a proactive safeguarding tool, allowing teachers to identify potential issues or anxieties a child might be experiencing. By providing prompted suggestions to uplift moods or address concerns, teachers can actively support their students' emotional health.


Data collected through this tracker is seamlessly integrated into a secure teacher platform, enabling educators to monitor trends and intervene when necessary, ensuring a nurturing and safe learning environment.

Furthermore, the App houses an Affirmation and Growth Mindset Station, designed to instill in students the invaluable trait of a growth mindset.


Wellbeing Monitoring: The app provides tools to monitor and track student wellbeing on a regular basis, allowing educators to identify areas of concern and provide targeted support.


Restorative Journaling: Students can engage in reflective journaling exercises to promote self-awareness, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution skills.


Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Building: Through guided activities and exercises, students can develop a positive self-image and build confidence in their abilities.


Data Collection and Analysis: The app collects baseline and termly student voice data, which is presented on the teacher platform. This data allows educators to monitor the impact of the platform on social skills, ethical behavior, behavior for learning, and overall happiness.


Empowering students to embrace challenges and persevere through setbacks, this station fosters resilience and a positive outlook on learning experiences, setting the stage for academic success.

The Mind Dump It feature serves as a safe haven for students to share their thoughts, worries, or any concerns they might have. Acting as a modernized version of the traditional worry box, this feature encourages open communication between students and teachers, providing a platform for discussions on various issues, including instances of bullying or any other challenges a student might be facing.

In summary, the Tell Dovie App offers:

  • Mood Tracker: Proactive safeguarding by monitoring and addressing students' emotional well-being.

  • Affirmation and Growth Mindset Station: Cultivation of resilience and a positive outlook on learning experiences.

  • Mind Dump It Section: An open communication channel for students to share concerns and seek support from teachers.

By incorporating the Tell Dovie App into your school's framework, you create an environment that not only supports academic growth but also prioritizes the emotional well-being of each student. Join us in revolutionizing student support and fostering a nurturing educational community through the power of technology and empathy.

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