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Unlock your child's potential with our engaging workshops designed to boost well-being,
confidence, and self-esteem. Dive into interactive sessions that cultivate essential social
skills, empowering your child to thrive both academically and socially.


Empower yourself to support your child's emotional well-being and social development
through our specialized workshops. Gain valuable insights and tools to nurture your child's
resilience and social skills, fostering a supportive home environment that complements their
educational journey.

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Welcome to The SEL Hub! Empowering students with our childrens wellbeing resources & Tell Dovie App. Foster emotional intelligence, accountability, and positive behavior for learning. Join us in revolutionizing student well-being and academic success!

Hide and Seek


Fatima Manof - Year 1 Teacher

“The affirmation station is a great tool to use on the classroom in year 1. It's great way to boost the children's confidence in the morning"

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